--- Amy Yamada ---

How to Connect Deeply With Your Audience

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Amy Yamada is an International Business Mentor for coaches and entrepreneurs and is known as “The Queen of Connection and Generosity!” Currently, she is mentoring coaches, trainers, and entrepreneurs to make a massive impact through their businesses while living their best lives every single day. She provides private mentoring as well as her popular entrepreneurial training program, “Coaching Masters Academy.” “It’s all about aligning your daily life with your bigger dreams and visions, while making a difference for your clients at your HIGHEST level,” Amy says. With over fifteen years of experience in the media and now as a well-connected entrepreneur Amy continues to make media appearances on the red carpet at upscale fundraising galas and fashionable events in Hollywood and Seattle. She’s been interviewed on TV stations, radio stations, podcasts, summits, magazines, blogs, and she was on Oprah.com as one of the top contestants for “Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star.”

100 E-mail Subject Lines That Get Opened

Emails to your audience serve no purpose if they are not opened. Use these deeply connecting subject lines to get people to open your email so you can connect with them! http://www.TopSubjectLines.com