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How To Get Paying Clients From Facebook Groups

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Cassie Howard is a serial entrepreneur and business coach who dedicated her life to helping women entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.

She built her business from scratch to multiple six figures in under a year and through her coaching, she helps other women accomplish the same. Cassie helps her clients get up and running with organized business structures, getting clarity on their message and marketing plans, and outlining strategies for attracting paying clients (and keeping their current ones).

Cassie is passionate about teaching other women how to make money for themselves so they never have to rely on anyone else to provide for them.

Cassie is also the founder of Canada’s largest coupon blog site and she has a physical product (apparel) line related to her personal brand.

An Ontario native, Cassie lives in Vaughan, Canada with her husband and two children, their dog and three cats. www.cassiehoward.com

20 Ways To Get Paying Clients From Facebook Groups

A PDF guide on how to get paying clients using your own and other people's Facebook groups without being spammy or breaking the group rules.