--- Jenna Soard ---

How to Create a Course that Sells

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Jenna started doing graphic design professionally at the age of 16, with her first licensed t-shirt business that produced t-shirts for all clubs and activities in her high school.

She attended the University of Oregon and earned a Bachelor's in Multimedia Design and MBA in Marketing. With her combination of design and marketing skills, she became a little more savvy than the average graphic designer.

After serving over one hundred local businesses, she decided to go on a soulful design and education expedition to Tokyo, Japan, where she was asked to teach four hundred Japanese students a week at Tokyo Metropolitan University. She taught speech and debate. Since she could not live without graphic design, she designed on her days off for a famous tattoo artist (and best friend of Ed Hardy) Horiyoshi III.

She lived in the hippest part of Tokyo -- Harajuku, did yoga every day, dated men from every country, and discovered her love of graphic design, teaching and sushi were pretty much her definition of living her dream.

Launch Your Lead Magnet

This is everything you need to create a beautiful interactive PDF as a "lead magnet" for your site!