--- Jennifer Jayde ---

How to Discover Your Zone of Genius

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Jennifer Jayde connects women to their zone of genius so they can stand out from the crowd, making incredible income and impact through their online, soul aligned business.

Within a few short months of starting her coaching business, she sold out her 1:1 coaching program, waitlisted her group program, and generated nearly $50k in sales in her first 4 months of business. In her first year, she generated over ΒΌ million in sales, helping women around the world discover their purpose and create their dream businesses.

Jen lives part-time in San Diego and part time on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada - but at feels at home wherever there is sunshine and salty air...

For the woman ready to discover what sets her soul on fire and be connected to her Zone of Genius, so she may leave her 9-5 and create a life and business doing what she loves!