--- Krystal Kleidon ---

Pinterest Strategies to Explode Your Growth

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Krystal is a self confessed Pinterest junkie and Entrepreneurial Lady Boss. Helping other women grow their business into a full time income earning powerhouse is what makes her happy dance all over the place. She spends her time coaching women in how to build their confidence in their business and in their life. Sometimes this means teaching new skills and other times it’s all about increasing self reflection and improving self esteem.

With almost a decade of business management experience (plus 7 years on road as an Emergency Paramedic) Krystal has a deep seeded addiction to coffee and jam packing as much as she can into her day (self-care included).

You’ll often find her escaping the office and working in a cafe or driving 3 hours to work by the beach, usually taking her husband and 3 year old son with and turning it into a camping adventure.

Pinterest Audit ToolKit

I'm creating for this audience a Pinterest Audit ToolKit - sharing the exact procedure I go through when auditing my clients accounts (and my own) and how I determine how to grow a Pinterest account.