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30-Day $7 Trial

You signed up for the Boss Lady Marketing Series because you want to get proven strategies that experts and influencers are using.

But there is actually a common theme among ALL of these experts.

It’s that they have built an email list that turns into amazing clients.

Want to get a step-by-step roadmap on exactly how to do this for yourself?

Let me introduce The Online Impact Society.

Your go-to resource to learn step by step how to skyrocket your audience on social media, build a targeted email subscriber list and consistently attract magical clients.

The Online Impact Society is perfect for you if you feel like you are lacking consistency in business growth and frustration that more clients aren’t coming your way.

In The Online Impact Society you will get my entire video vault of trainings
where you will learn:

  • How to grow your email subscriber list to make a TON more money
  • How to boost your social media AUDIENCE to get in front of more people
  • How to be seen as a go to EXPERT in your industry
  • How to make more MONEY on a consistent basis
  • How to leverage social media in a way that is fun and authentic
  • How to connect on a deeper level with your social media audience
  • How to use FB ads that CONVERT and don't break the bank
30-Day $7 Trial
Julie Griffin

With Devani’s social media strategies, I added 1000 people to my newsletter list, and increased “likes” from 750 to 4800 on my business page!!

Julie Griffin One True Self
Amber Thiel

In 30 days we had over 1,400 people join our list, we are almost at 10K fans and 90 people request breakthrough sessions. This is AMAZING!!!!! What a cray cray explosion on social media…holy cow.

Amber Thiel The Healthy Edge

In addition to this video vault you will also get:

  • Monthly office hours/group call with me to answer ALL of your questions
  • Monthly special guest trainings from top experts
  • Opportunity each month to get an audit where I will personally look over your work and give you real & actionable feedback
  • Early bird access to new offers and trainings
  • Private forum & live call access to me
30-Day $7 Trial

About Your Teacher:


Hi I’m Devani Freeman, a client attraction strategist for heart-centered women entrepreneurs who want to confidently and authentically build their audience online with ideals clients so they can make more money, achieve freedom, and make an impact.

I’ve helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs to do some incredible things with modern marketing, like:

  • Go from 3,000 to 10,000 Facebook fans in under 3 months with $5 a day FB ad budget
  • Cultivate referral partnerships that bring in consistent business
  • Double their social media engagement in 30 days with fun and ease
  • Generate $22K in business in 30 days
  • Gain clarity on your authentic messaging and branding so marketing is fun
  • Grow from 0 to 1500 targeted subscribers in 30 days
  • Increased consistent cash flow by creating the right packages and positioning that are easy to sell
  • Walk into a networking event confidently and make the most amazing connections and referrals
  • Release limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Receive clarity on your messaging and voice like never before
  • Sell and make money right from online webinars

With my proven results, what I teach works.

I believe entrepreneurship is the biggest personal development course you will ever experience, which is why us women need to bond and support each other, hence why I created OIS!

Ama Yamada

From Devani’s strategies I have been able to grow my audience, expand my online presence as an authority figure, build new connections, and attract new clients for my group mentoring program!

Ama Yamada

Join me as I take you on a wild ride to equip you with the tools, trainings, support and guidance. I will show you the exact steps I’ve taken to build a multiple 6 figure business that has impacted
women all over the world.

30-Day $7 Trial