Yogipreneur founder Racheal Cook

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Featured Expert Interview with Racheal Cook

After multiple hospitalizations resulting from chronic anxiety, panic attacks and adrenal fatique, Racheal Cook discovered the healing power of yoga and holistic healthcare. Inspired by this heart-centered community, Racheal walked away from her consulting practice and jumped onto a yoga mat.

Racheal founded The Yogipreneur in 2008 to bring her business and marketing strategy expertise to the yoga & conscious business community. As a conscious business consultant and coach, Racheal has worked with thousands of heart-centered entrepreneurs to find ease and abundance by stepping into their zone of genius and bring their brilliance to the world.

I love what Racheal has to share today! Rachel has truly leveraged the social era and has built an amazing community of like-minded entrepreneurs where she is able to enjoy a flexible schedule and be a mom, while being able to connect with anyone all over the world and keep her business thriving!

We cover a lot in this interview, but a few tips that stood out to me was how to use a megaphone on social media (this may be a trick question), how you can find out exactly want your target audience needs and she shares her little secret on how you can never run out of content when you do this one simple little trick!

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